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Home Grown SA

Home-Grown SA is a company specialising in real estate in Pretoria. We are innovative, full of new ideas and a serious contender in this competative market. There is no limit to our energy and pursuit in finding you the right property that will perfect your specific lifestyle, or our creative attempts to get the best deal for your home. We do so by being absolutely on top of the property market – new developments, new legislation, always anticipating changes in the market. All our work is dictated by detailed research and analysis, and we take you with all the way in order to make an informed decision.

The company is built on virtues seldomly found in the real estate market – we will not undercut, overbudget, use unrealistic market values or give clients false hope. We place a high stake on availablility, clean lines of communication and we willing and graciously walk the second mile. Honesty and integrity underpins all our dealing in the market – our clients return to us.

Home-Grown SA is determined to offer you innovative service, and the best real deal available.

Founder of the company, Daniël Gouws, is especially well-known in property circles in Pretoria since 2012. For the past few years he had been a property specialist in one of the world’s leading property franchises. He was awarded as one of the top sales agents of the company in 2014 and 2015. His commitment to his clients has been rewarded with remarkable success.